The Best Day

You’re the type of person who challenges others when they’re wrong.
You’re the type of Mother that acts brave, even when you don’t feel strong.

You can always see the beauty shining, in every imperfection.
You speak up when others are put down, fearless of others perceptions.

You were justly awarded an entire school district’s PARENT OF THE YEAR!
I’m so proud to be the daughter of a true pioneer.

There are so many beautiful pieces of you that you’ve given to your kids.
From flawless carpet lines, to the same nurturing love you give to every grand-kid.

I only like my dimples because I know they came from you.
I love telling people, that of all your kids, I’m the most like you.

I know it hurts you too, when I am feeling pain.
I’d gladly take on twice as much so you don’t feel a thing.

You rooted for me through fear and hesitation, when we were all still scared and unsure.
When no one else was there for me, you were, and every ounce of your love was pure.

You still keep an eye on me, while letting me grow up and step away.
But I will forever call you when I land. I know you’re waiting to hear I’m okay.

With love you watched me grow, letting me be myself and on my own,
You still loved me when I pushed you, to a place that was so unknown.

With love you held me near you and with love you let me go,
But even though I’m grown now, I can always rely on you when I feel alone.

I feel so blessed that God sent me you. God, thank you for my mother,
she’s the BEST at slapping the bag too, and she can make sharpies fly like no other.

Thank you for searching within to my side of view.
Thank you for believing in me, even when I wasn’t able to.

Thank you for understanding me, often times even better than i do.
I hope you know Mom, if I could be anyone in the world, without hesitation, I would be YOU!
Love you with all my heart, Janice Bello



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