Millennial Problems…

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You’ve rewritten and edited your 8 word sentence for about 40 minutes now. You’re writing it out in your notes app so she can’t see how long you’ve been typing. Just to double check, you text it to your best friend to make sure it’s a good response. She has already received screen shots from you of the entire conversation. She changes one thing and okay’s the message. She always has your best interest at heart and you trust her, so you take her advice. You reread it. And reread it again. No amount of rewording will make you less anxious about actually sending it. At some point you have to bite the bullet. Your finger hovers over the send button and you take those last 10 seconds to reread it one last time. Just do it. Sent. It’s out of your hands. Your stomach flutters briefly knowing you just gave away control of the conversation and you immediately wish you had it back. Now pry your mind away from the conversation. Rethinking it will only make you feel more out of control. Get back to work. At first you’re checking for a response every minute or two, then every five or ten. Maybe she’s busy and hasn’t seen your text yet, you speculate. An hour has gone by, you just realized, and a wave panic passes through your head and to your stomach. The more time that passes the less confident you feel. You entertain the numerous ways your message could have been received. Three hours pass. What if she took it the wrong way. Damn it, you shouldn’t have said that. This is seriously the worst case scenario. Maybe she’s not going to respond at all. You try to believe that so you can regain at least a little control over yourself. Four hours in and you’re certain that you wont hear back from her. Then your screen lights up. Victory! The relief is tremendous. A smile spreads across your face, you’re back in the drivers seat.  You open your notes app and start thinking of a way to respond…


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