Seeing her across the room as I walked into my sister’s house, turned her existence into a completely different kind of reality. I was suddenly nervous to meet my new niece.  I hadn’t expected her to be so alive and real with her own facial expressions and emotions and little tiny voice. She constantly seemed to be doing something new and it surprised me every single time. Every tiny noise she made was perfect.

This new little person is now a permanent fixture in every member of my families lives. I will know Rylie until the day I die and it feels like she just appeared in the world out of nowhere. I’ve never known someone since they were born and I already felt so much anticipation for her life. I cant wait to see who she will become. How did this person come out of my sister? As I stared at her, her whole existence  seemed impossible, like she was some kind of miracle.

I wonder who she is going to be? There are so many possibilities at this point and I guess they continuously diminish as time goes on and reality unfolds.  She seemed so tiny and helpless and i wanted so much to give her whatever she could possibly need. I can’t imagine how it must feel for Melanie, my sister. Her life is the one changed the most. This baby needs Mel and after watching them together, it was evident that Melanie is beginning to need her just as much. This tiny baby has no idea yet how blessed she is. What a lucky-draw-of-cards for her to be given Melanie and Mike for parents. They are strong, beautiful, truly good people and I’m completely confident that Rylie will have everything she could ever need.

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