Transitioning Into the Real World

My job does not define me.

I don’t understand why our jobs, or lack thereof, are such massive indicators of who we are to other people. Occupations are the first thing we want to know when we meet someone new.  They’re how other people judge us and how we judge other people. We even judge ourselves by the same those same standards.

I recently started my first “big girl” job and it is going pretty well. It’s ridiculously boring, but I’ve concluded that most office jobs are. This 9-5 thing is has forced me to go to the gym everyday on my lunch break. It helps the workday go by faster and that way I won’t go insane sitting in an office of closed-minded, old men all day.

I feel like my life has suddenly become this mature, sophisticated existence with the snap of a whip. Just two or three months ago, I was a kid in college doing different things every day.  Nobody prepares you for this world, not really. In college, I could go to themed parties almost any night of the week, wear whatever clothes I wanted and I felt like my life was completely mine.  I had so much more freedom with my daily existence. Now my life literally consists of being in an office, going to the gym and going out on the weekends to try to forget how serious the rest of my life has become.  It is crazy how fast life can change but I guess if it changed that quickly once, it can change that fast again.

Anyway, the point is that right now I would NEVER want to define myself with my job description. Maybe a couple of decades down the road when I have successfully ended poverty, or something similarly amazing, I would consider letting my occupation have a place in my self-description.  It is true that I currently do Marketing to support myself.  But, I am also a writer, an activist, a little sister, a caffeine addict, a millennial, a feminist, a psychology lover, a photographer, a California girl and lot of other things that are way more descriptive of who I am than how I make money.  Who I am today is not even close to the person I was five years ago, thank goodness, and I know I will be a lot different in five years from now.  Maybe this transition into the “real world” has been a good thing for me after all. Even though it was not necessarily my choice, it is forcing me to change and evolve and I hope I never stay the same.


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